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The challenge
is real

We're on a mission to protect our oceans and accelerate ocean health and science.

Our ocean, the planet's largest ecosystem, is endangered

Over 3 billion people depend on ocean biodiversity for their livelihood. Still, more than 80% of its waters remain unexplored. Monitoring efforts are especially crucial at a time when the planet's largest ecosystem is undergoing significant changes. Our oceans are in grave danger, and the consequences of significant biodiversity loss could be catastrophic.

Coral reefs are disappearing at an unprecedented rate

of our global reefs are dying
1 million
diverse aquatic species rely on the reef habitat
of all marine life is supported by coral reefs
species of fish alone supported by coral reefs
Gaafu Alifu Atoll, Maldives, Warren Baverstock

What's at stake?

$2.7 trillion 
global estimated value of coral reefs per year
$9 billion 
global net benefit of coastal protection by reefs per year
of all global ecosystem service value come from reefs
3 billion
people depend on marine and coastal biodiversity

Our Mission

We are on a mission to empower industry and science to make informed decisions that safeguard our oceans.

Climate change and human activities are rapidly deteriorating marine ecosystems, necessitating effective monitoring solutions. Current marine projects often lack universal biodiversity metrics and efficient data acquisition methods. 

This gap hampers effective decision-making and resource allocation. Stream Ocean recognises this challenge and addresses it with a comprehensive solution that bridges data, visual engagement, and actionable insights.

Science diver, Shaun Wolfe
Coralive Soneva coral nursery
“The biggest challenge of current monitoring methods available that we encountered up until now, have been costs, lack of data consistency and low stakeholder engagement.”

Ahmad “Aki” Allahgholi

Founder & Director, Coralive

Stream Ocean is an environmental technology company launched in 2022. We are creating an AI-powered biodiveristy monitoring solution. Join us in our effort to accelerate ocean health and science.
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