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AI-powered monitoring

Consistent data and engaging visuals continuously

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A game changing solution to connect stakeholders with their ocean projects 

Our end-to-end monitoring solution provides our clients with daily data points, based on academically-robust calculation methodologies, and delivers HD imagery continuously, allowing stakeholders to engage with and assess projects in real-time.

  • High definition autonomous underwater camera system

  • AI-model enabling automated analysis via our online dashboard

  • Effective monitoring and engaging content for wide-ranging applications and stakeholders

Best-in-class autonomous, underwater camera hardware

How it works

Introducing our innovative monitoring solution: your fast-track to project insights. Start baseline setting or surveys upon delivery, powered by a 80-hour battery for up to 4 weeks of snapshot recording. Effortless installation - simply drop the system into the water on your project site. Retrieval is just as easy via hauling of the surface buoy. Swift data capture, seamless progress.


Long-term Deployment

Discover the ultimate long-term monitoring solution: our robust system boasts accelerated edge computing capabilities and a self-cleaning anti-biofouling camera system. This advanced cabled setup enables continuous recording with seamless video streaming and real-time data analytics, all effortlessly accessed through our secure dashboard.

Stream Ocean Dashboard v1.0

Launching in 2024 our online dashboard will give our clients access to data, biodiversity metrics and streaming content allowing them to engage with and assess their projects in real-time.

Product Roadmap

Within 10 years, we aim to provide all governments and businesses with reliable data and analytics to understand and manage their impact on ocean health.
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Phase 1

  • Pilot test sites in Germany and Barbuda
  • Cabled cameras
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Phase 2

  • Pilot test sites in Malta and the Maldives
  • Battery powered cameras
  • Diverless deployment
  • AI-model development
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Phase 3

  • Launch Dashboard v1.0
  • Smart Buoy camera system development

Dive down with us and see our cameras in action

Diving in Barbuda
Stream Ocean is an environmental technology company launched in 2022. We are creating an AI-powered end-to-end solution for real-time marine life monitoring. Join us in our effort to accelerate ocean health and science.
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