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AI-powered monitoring

Consistent data and engaging visuals continuously

Yellow Surgeonfish cutout

A game changing solution to connect stakeholders with their ocean projects 

Our monitoring solution provides our clients with daily data points, based on academically-robust calculation methodologies. By delivering HD imagery continuously, clients can engage with and assess projects in real-time.

  • High definition autonomous underwater camera system

  • AI-model enabling automated analysis via our online dashboard

  • Effective monitoring and engaging content for wide-ranging applications and stakeholders

Best-in-class autonomous, underwater camera hardware

So how does it work?

Unlocking project insights is easier than ever with our comprehensive monitoring solution.

  1. Collect Your Video Data: Start by collecting your video data using our cameras or your own recording hardware.
  2. Upload Your Video: Effortlessly upload it to Sentinel, our AI-powered cloud infrastructure.
  3. AI-Powered Analysis: Once uploaded, our advanced algorithms spring into action, analysing your data swiftly and efficiently.
  4. Receive Automated Analytics: Sit back and watch as our intuitive dashboard delivers automated analytics, providing you with valuable insights in real-time.

Dive down and see our technology in action

Diving in Barbuda
Stream Ocean is an environmental technology company launched in 2022. We are creating an AI-powered biodiveristy monitoring solution. Join us in our effort to accelerate ocean health and science.
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