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4°10'36.9"N 73°29'01.6"E

Deborah Brosnan & Associates conceived of the Oceanshot project, which aims to restore coral reefs at scale. The project deploys leading science and technology as well as community participation in reef revitalisation. Oceanshot works with Stream Ocean to monitor their restoration projects in Barbuda.

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Oceanshot coral restoration project Barbuda

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Villingili, Maldives

4°10'36.9"N 73°29'01.6"E

Save The Beach Maldives is an NGO that aims to conserve and maintain the beaches and reefs of Villingili and the Maldives. The organisation educates and trains the public to become stewards of their beaches and their vital coastal ecosystem. Stream Ocean monitors their coral nursery in Villingili, which has been restoring corals for more than seven years.

Villingili tower installation

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Fulhadhoo, Maldives

4°53'07.0"N 72°55'21.9"E

The Maldives Coral Institute have been working to restore the reefs in Fulhadhoo since 2021. The corals on this island have demonstrated high resilience to thermal stress and repetitive total exposure during low tides. As such they are an ideal seed source to repopulate more vulnerable areas that have high mortality during coral bleaching events which are predicted to occur more frequently in the near future. Sadly the reef was severely harmed by the impact of the construction of a harbour on the north side of the island in 2020. With support from the Mars Corporation, MCI and the local community saw a successful pilot phase and the project will continue with further expansion of the restoration area.

Fulhadhoo installation site

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Soneva Fushi, Maldives

5°06'45.2"N 73°04'42.7"E

Climate change is harming corals, making it difficult for them to grow and survive storms. To aid in coral recovery, Coralive is restoring damaged areas, a process that can take over 25 years. They have identified an ideal location for coral restoration on Soneva Fushi island. The area currently has limited coral, fish, and invertebrates. Ahmad “Aki” Allahgholi and his team at Coralive are building 432 metal reef structures utilising mineral accretion technology to stimulate coral growth. Corals from a nearby project will be used, placed on tables or broken into small pieces. They plan to cultivate more than 50,000 coral fragments annually and educate locals on proper coral care.

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